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Due to the closure of the Corner Brook Patrol and the Naval Reserve Unit of HMCS Caribou the Corner Brook area was in need to have a sea element to foster the memories of the people of the area who served in the Canadian and Merchant Navy, the Naval Reserve Unit and the local Home Defense Unit.


In 1960 Lieutenant (N) Eric Pennell was transferred by his employer to Corner Brook. Seeing the need for a naval presence, he decided to start a Sea Cadet Corps. During the next two years, with help from the Area Cadet Officer, Lieutenant Commander H. Myers, he made the necessary contacts, wrote letters, completed forms and found a sponsor in the Corner Brook Rotary Club. Prospective men, to be officers were contacted and a nucleus was formed.


On the 13 December 1962 RCSCC Curling was commissioned and name after Rev. J.J. Curling who was a missionary in the Bay of Islands. So named Curling, the corps began to grow with a registered strength of 55 cadets in its first year.The original officers were Eric Pennell, T.A. Cossitt, H.W. Smith, C. Whalen and G. Thomas. The Corner Brook Rotary Club at that time small committed their group to help finance the corps. Original members of the club consisted of J. Barry, J. Anderson, and H. Matthews.

Commanding Officers of the Corps:

Lt (N) (Ret'd) Eric Pennell, CD 1962 – 1967Lt (N) (Ret'd)

T. A. (Gus) Cossitt, CD 1967 – 1974

LCdr (Ret'd) Andrew Kinsella, CD 1974 – 1978

LCdr (Ret'd)  Hedley W. Smith, CD 1978 – 1981

LCdr (Ret'd)  Leo R. Fagan, CD 1981 - 1985

LCdr A. Gord Hamlyn, CD 1985 – 1987

LCdr  Gerald W. Hartley, CD 1987 –1990, 1991 – 1994, 1997 - 2009

Lt (N) Sean P. Hepditch 1990 - 1991Lt (N)

Tracy A Crane 1994 – 1997

Lt (N) Janice Murphy, CD 2009 - 2012

Lt (N) Jennifer N. Hartley 2012 - 2015

Lt(N) Shannon M. Banks 2015 - Present


In 1965, just two and half years after its commission, RCSCC Curling placed first in Newfoundland standings. In the corps thirty-nine years, RCSCC Curling received first place in Newfoundland in 1964, 1972, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1983, 1984, and 1994. In 1984 the corps placed first place in Atlantic Canada. It can be noted that it was never far behind and mostly carried strength of over one hundred cadets. The Curling corps has received many outstanding awards within the community and abroad for its dedication and commitment to these many Groups and Organizations it has service over the years and continues to do so this very day.


RCSCC Curling Band, formed by Lieutenant Commander Leo Fagan in 1968, has a national reputation. They have a history of playing for other corps Annual Ceremony Reviews, The Royal Canadian Legion, The West Naval Association, Governor General, Lieutenant Governor all HMCS Ships, Cruise Ships and most City of Corner Brook events. In 1977, the Curling Band was declared by council the official Band of The City of Corner Brook.


Some five thousand cadet’s pass through its ranks, of which many have pursued careers in the Canadian Arm Forces.RCSCC Curling shares credit for its achievements and success to the continued support of the Corner Brook Rotary Club, the Navy League of Canada and Department of National Defense together with the Corps Officers, Parents and Community. Through dedication and teamwork of all staff and cadets along with continued support from The Corner Brook Rotary Club.

RCSCC Curling will continue to be strong in years to come.

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