Biathlon & Marksmanship Program

Cadet Biathlon

Our cadet Biathlon & Marksmanship Program falls under the direction of the lead officer coach Lt(N) Shannon Banks. Assisting Coaches include: Lt(N) Steve Roth, Civilian Volunteer Brian Smith and Cadet Coach PO1 Emily Dawe.


The Cadet biathlon develops power, endurance, strength, skill, precision and calm under pressure for cadets. The sport is a combination of cross-country skiing and marksmanship. But it is not that simple. After skiing fast and hard, biathletes must calm themselves to take accurate and controlled shots at targets 50 meters away. In a single race cadet competitors can ski up to 10 kilometers and shoot 20 targets. For the cadet, the clock is always running. It's action-packed, physically-demanding and extraordinary to watch.


Biathlon is just one of the many opportunities the Cadet Program can offer Canada’s youth. 

If you are a runner, skier, interested in shooting and enjoys staying fit, this might be the sport for you!



Our cadets have the opportunity to receive training in the correct handling and firing of the Daisy 853C air rifle. This rifle is used in the cadet system nationwide to provide safe and standardized training. Basic safety and handling skills are learned in class. We offer optional Sunday training on the range to practice shooting. 


We also have the opportunity to take our top shooters and shoot competitively on a Provincial and National level. Cadets can also do additional training at Cadet Summer Training Centres.

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