• Boating & Sailing

  • Swimming & Watersports

  • Camping

  • Citizenship (Parades, Community Events)

  • Marksmanship & Biathlon

  • Sports & Fitness

  • Naval Knowledge

  • Leadership Training

Local, Regional & National Competitions, Scholarships, and Awards

We pride ourselves on preparing today's youth to become tomorrow's community leaders. As such, we recognize the importance of post-secondary education and strive to support our Cadet Members as they graduate from our program and enter the next phase of their life.

  • The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation

  • Navy League Award of Commendation

  • National Sea Cadet of the Year

  • Division Sea Cadet of the Year

  • Navy League Medal of Excellence

  • Sea Cadet Service Medal\

  • High School Credits & Volunteer Hours

High School Credits & Volunteer Hours

Did you know that you can get high school credits for your membership in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets?

You may apply to receive four credits per year for grades 10-12 having satisfied the following criteria:

a. Successfully complete Phase III training or a six-week summer trade group or specialty summer training course;
b. Successfully complete Phase IV training or a six-week summer trade group or specialty training course or staff cadet; and
c. Successfully complete Phase V or successfully complete a six-week summer trade group or specialty training course or staff cadet.

Cadets can also gain volunteer hours for their career course in high school. Talk to you Commanding Officer for more information. 

International Exchanges

Every year, selected cadets, who meet the necessary criteria, can participate on exchange trips to countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Japan, United States, Sweden, South Korea and the Netherlands under an International Exchange Program. Exchange cadets are selected on their high standards in performance, fitness and involvement in cadet activities.


Sea Cadet Deployments are offered to cadets each each. The primary aims of these deployments is to:

  • take part in at-sea training as a member of ship’s company aboard a naval vessel;

  • familiarize the ship’s company with the historical aspects of the training area by providing relevant on-site historical and environmental information; and

  • re-enforce the corps training by putting into practice knowledge and skills learned in the Phase program and to acquire new one.

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