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The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets is a youth program delivered in partnership by The Navy League of Canada and the Department of National Defence. 

Along with the Army Cadets and Air Cadets, the Sea cadets make up a program sponsored by the Canadian Forces funded primarily through the Department of National Defence. The Canadian Forces provides training, pay and allowances for reserve force cadet instructors; uniforms for instructors and cadets; transportation, facilities and staff for summer training; the training program and training aids; and policy and regulation regarding the operation of the cadet organization.


The Navy Cadet League of Canada provides local support by way of accommodation, utilities, liability insurance, transportation and training aids not provided by the CF.


The primary local community sponsor for Sea Cadets is a local branch of the Navy League of Canada that is the Corner Brook Rotary Club for 184 RCSCC Curling Sea Cadets. Navy League branches rely on community support, in the form of direct donations of money and goods, trusts, and various forms of fund-raising efforts. These last include sale of various items, much like bake and chocolate bar sales, street-corner pin and tag sales by cadets, and funds raised through the attached cadet unit's own canteen. Special thanks goes out to the President and Sea Cadet Chair of the Corner Brook Rotary Club for 50 years of support.


Finally the City of Corner Brook support our unit annually. Our unit volunteers at many community events including the city parades and functions (Remembrance Day, Forget me not campaign, Winter Carnival, Athletic of the year awards banquet, Christmas parade, Battle of Beaumont Hamel Ceremony, Battle of the Atlantic Ceremony, Canada Day and much more.

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