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Our supply department is ran by L(N) Steve Roth and Civillian Volunteers Brian Smith & Jame Cook. Cadets are encouraged to check with the supply staff if they need uniform parts and badges. Supply is open every Monday night from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm. 


Cadet Uniform

Each cadet is issued a uniform, which he/she is required to wear each week. There is no cost for any of the required pieces, however they remain property of the Corps and must be returned when the cadet ages out or if he quits.


The cadets are taught what is required to properly wear and maintain their uniform and they should know to reference the monthly calendar for the required dress each Monday evening. During the warmer months, cadets normally wear the "summer dress" and during the colder season, "winter dress" is worn. On sports nights cadets are required to wear the issued sports uniform. Sometimes cadets will get to wear thier own civillian clothes. 


Each cadet is responsible for the maintenance of his/her own uniform – this includes washing, ironing, sewing, and polishing boots. Cadets are taught how to perform each of these tasks during their junior training. We recommend that cadets take part in active learning and take on the resposnbility of doing thier own uniform.

Ordering New Uniform & Parts

If a cadet has outgrown one or more parts of the uniform, it is the cadet’s responsibility to turn in the item that does not fit to the supply officer and request a replacement. Once the replacement is available, the cadet will be notified so that it can be picked up from Supply.

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